Why do People Sell Owner Financed Notes?


As the world changes so does our personal needs and desires. There are thousands of homeowners that sell their house and carry back paper on the property. Why don’t they just sell it and be done with the whole process? Sometimes it is because they have tried to sell the house and could not get the selling price they wanted. The seller creates a note, gets a nice down payment and seasons the note, (collects payments for months or years.) At some point the financier (seller) might need the money and want to sell the note. It can be for many reasons, kids need money, grandkids need college tuition, medical bills or just wants to travel the world. There are as many reasons as there are note holders. The nice part is that there are many others that would like to buy these notes. Regardless of the reason for selling there is comfort in the fact that they can sell them and quickly for fair amounts and we at Medlow Group are interested in buying. We have additional information in our Education Section that give guidance on the basic rules for writing your own Mortgage notes.