How Do I Sell my Owner financed Note?


This is a very simple process. Once you have decided to sell your note you need to locate a buyer, this is easy as there are many companies that buy them. After you have picked a company, they are going to ask you for the information on the original note. That note is key to selling the note and you will have to produce the original signed copy to escrow when the transfer happens and the money transfers to you. The company that buys your note is going to do all the research, escrow, title and all paperwork necessary to close the deal. Other than providing the information on the note and payment proof we do all of the necessary paperwork. Some important items that bring you, the seller, the highest price are the following items. Having good records of all monthly payments, having a property buyer with decent credit, having a good interest rate on the note and a good record of on time payments. A few questions for you to answer and a copy of the note allows us to analyze the current value and make the highest dollar offer possible. Medlow Group is very interested in reviewing your note and making you a fair offer with a quick turnaround. It all starts with a phone call or input on our online form. Give us a call and we’ll make this easier than you thought.