Benefits of Selling an Owner Financed Note.


A smart homeowner understands that the homeowner can benefit from the owner financed transaction. When you finance the transaction most of the income is tax free and only the interest income is taxed. This can be a great benefit especially if this is a second or third house. Review this with your accountant for exact details.  If the buyer has decent credit and can satisfy you that the payment will be paid consistently on time, then owner financed deal can be a good option. A good down payment is a solid foundation that keeps the buyer committed to paying the mortgage. With a good interest rate and after the buyer has made payments on time for 6-12 months there are lots of buyers that will be interested in buying the note. If you have collected payment for years and just need some amount of money you might consider selling some of the payments (a partial). For example if you have a note your collecting $900.00 a month on and you just need $10,000 you could sell some of the future payments for $10,000 and after the buyer has collected the agreed upon payments you get to collect all of the remaining payments. This is known as selling a partial. Medlow Group is always interested in buying a partial or whole note depending on what the note holder has in mind. This is the best part of dealing with notes, you can do almost anything you want and there are customers waiting to buy these opportunities.