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Why do People Sell Owner Financed Notes?

As the world changes so does our personal needs and desires. There are thousands of homeowners that sell their house and carry back paper on the property. Why don’t they just sell it and be done with the whole process? Sometimes it is because they have tried to sell the house and could not get […]


Benefits of Selling an Owner Financed Note.

A smart homeowner understands that the homeowner can benefit from the owner financed transaction. When you finance the transaction most of the income is tax free and only the interest income is taxed. This can be a great benefit especially if this is a second or third house. Review this with your accountant for exact […]


How Do I Sell my Owner financed Note?

This is a very simple process. Once you have decided to sell your note you need to locate a buyer, this is easy as there are many companies that buy them. After you have picked a company, they are going to ask you for the information on the original note. That note is key to […]