Bob Glaser

Bob’s entrepreneurial skills started with helping build a family business that he ran for 35 years with over 200 full time employees. He always invested in Real Property and has owned as many as 400 Condominiums with his partners. Along the way acquiring and selling real estate was always part of his strategies. He has built multimillion-dollar companies from the ground up, taken companies from $5 million in debt to positive $2.5 million in 1 1/2 years and negotiated mega million-dollar sales transactions of businesses. I have developed a skill set that helps me help others with creative and unique solutions for achieving their goals. I love doing deals especially when all parties get what they want. When a person wants to cash out on their owner financed note to get their money now and we can buy it for long term income and both parties are getting what they want. It’s Win-Win for everybody, how great is that!

Cynthia Glaser

Cynthia’s skills are focused in finance and accounting. She is a master debt negotiator and has eliminated millions of dollars of debt for numerous companies while implementing operating procedures to correct their problems. Her work includes private, public and 501C accounting practices and solutions. From the head of accounting for companies with payrolls over 400 people to the CFO of public company’s her expertise is invaluable to our customers. Her accounting expertise keeps our company on track and every dollar is accounted for and our financial reporting and organization is stellar.

Robert Glaser

Roberts background in IT and Programming have been widely utilized by our customers and internally as head of our IT. His background includes working with private, public and non-profit companies and creating solutions for their requirements. His expertise is in problem solving with an emphasis on using technology to increase productivity and profits while reducing overhead. This expertise keeps us on the forefront with the latest technology and innovations.

Joe Cruz

Joe has over thirty years’ experience in the real estate industry as both an agent and a broker. His expertise includes property management, residential home sales, leasing commercial and residential properties, land acquisitions and development, and construction. His exceptional experience in the inspection and property evaluation rounds out the Medlow Team. His attention to detail has helped create many of our spectacular projects.